Most of us know and love to talk about ourselves or our business, but when it comes to writing, many people get stuck or don’t know what, how much and how. At this stage, a copywriter is usually turned to.
So it’s true, there are basic details that are always important and desirable to be present in the content about your business, but I actually want to focus on the details that will appear in your content and the customers won’t find it on the competitors’ websites.

Differentiation, differentiation, differentiation
There’s a reason people choose to work with you. Thanks to your, because of the – in front of you, following the – with you. What is this, this is exactly the challenge that you have to flood out.

Do you have any professional tips? Tell about them.
Do you have professional advantages? List them.
Do you have unique tools? Show them off.
Surely there are reasons that made customers choose you until today and these are the reasons that should be shared in the content of your website.

Everything is for the best even if sometimes it seems otherwise
The information gathering stage is critical to creating quality content. I always challenge my clients at this stage and milk more and more information from them until I feel I have enough quality raw information with which I can start writing.
Even if the investigation phase exhausts them, I don’t let up because I know that when they see the result, they will appreciate the thinking efforts I demanded from them earlier.
I always emphasize the information, draw only from your head. You are the best experts for your business, for your field of expertise, so don’t try to write information that is similar to competitors, such information will not convince a client to work with you, because your business will look like everyone else’s. it’s important to remember! You talk about your business all day, so you have the information.

The investment pays off
Clients have often confessed to me that thanks to the preliminary characterization we did, I helped them to have more sales even in routine sales conversations with clients because now they know how to emphasize exactly the advantages that differentiate them from the competition, already in the initial introductory conversation with a potential client.