A good idea is the basis of any beginning. The ideas usually come to me in the middle of the night or right when I get up, probably my brain must be balanced and balanced in order to flash a new and good idea. But what do you do when they don’t arrive?

Some actions that help generate ideas
Tips from a visionary
There are several actions that significantly help to create ideas, I will give you my recipe and I hope that you will get a lot of filling ideas from it:
1. Let go – some think that in order to come up with an idea you have to make an effort, and I say – let go. Get out of your familiar environment, from home, from work, take your laptop and sit somewhere else, new and unfamiliar.
2. Change – change your work environment, go out to meet people or even sit alone in a cafe. Viewing new landscapes, listening to casual conversations may ignite new lines of thought in you.
3. Don’t sculpt – many times the most flowery things may lead to practical and unusual ideas. Listen to all the advice people give you and embrace the parts you connect with. All these pieces will make up a new and original puzzle.
4. Renew – change your routine. Don’t bore yourself. Do at least one different thing during the day: drink your coffee somewhere else, pick up the phone to someone new, read a recommended book, change the pillows in the living room – anything works.
5. Give up – if nothing works. Leave and go hang out. It is likely that when you are not goal oriented the idea will jump out at you and you will not know where it came from. Our brain has its own abilities.

At the beginning of my journey as a conceptualist (copywriter) we were told in the creative department of the advertising office, you don’t have to sit in the office all day, go to the beach, do whatever you want so that at the end of the day you come back with a good idea. I adopted this custom, it works.

The mind does not forget. As soon as you really want something, the goal has been set and even if you wander with your thoughts to another place, you will eventually reach the idea.